Britney's Video Message to the World

So yeah! Britney decided to kill some time and record a message to the world this weekend. Whatever she’s on, she either needs to take more or cut the dose.

"Right. Um, no like, I just really like wanna talk and just say like how nice our world is. Like it is so nice, like I’m gonna cry right now. Cuz like our world is so nice. No it really is because like oh my god, like the other day like I saw like this magazine… And I looked at it and it said like I was pregnant. And like I went up to Mom and I was like "oh my god" like, my mom knew. Like she was right. Like always believe everything you read everybody. Like because I am. I really am pregnant.

And then like I went to um like um this person and they saw like on the USA Today like that you know like I was drinking a lot. And it was SO TRUE! IT WAS SO TRUE! And then like it was just so weird because then like then after that, like everybody…. like you know, just always believe what you read. Because like and all my management they totally knew what they were doing when they sent me to rehab. Like totally, like they totally knew what they were doing. Like it’s just so weird how great and nice our world is. And like after this nobody’s going to talk about this. Because our world, is so nice. So that’s all wanted to say. So, ok bye."

You can watch the actual videohere.

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