Britney Spears Won't Need Sheryl Crow's Help ...

SOURCE - GOSSIP ROCKSgood evening! oh my gosh i'm still in shock over britney spears shaving & tattooing escapade from last night! she must have totally freaked out her two boys when she got back home! either this is a cleansing and washing away of all her recent party & puke energy or it's a total sign that she really needs help! where is mom lynne?!? i can't wait to see what her next move will be!

but in the end it will all come down to that oh so super important comeback album...i'd love to see her make a kick-ass album like justin timberlake or nelly furtado (who both landed in my top ten fave albums of '06) yet if she pulls a jessica simpson mess album on us then she's done! (ms. simpson's album was one of the very worst from last year!)

over on the side we've got sheryl crow rockin' her long locks in a new advert for revlon hair color...which is certainly one thing ms. spears won't be needing for at least a few weeks (her hair was probably close to falling out anyways with all the recent dye jobs)

she needs to grow it out and go blonde and make some sorta pixie look work? what does everyone else think? the one thing i don't want to see on britney's head is a wig or one of jessica's hairdo catastrophes...

finally check out the latest hilarious take on the spears situation from the **gallery of the absurd**'s ms. crazy who'll do anything for attention! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


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