Britney Spears Gets a License

O Dear Gawd, those boots AGAIN! I HATE those boots!

Back to the topic…

It appears that Britney may be taking things a bit more seriously these days. Before, it appeared as though she felt she was above the law.

In a last ditch effort of the judge overturning the order that she release her sons to former husband Kevin Federline, Britney Spears has obtained a drivers license for the state of California. Albeit, a temporary paper one, but still, she has one!

I say that’s all fine and good, but what’s that say about her effort to change? No one changes in two days!

* Britney was ordered to meet with a drug counselor and didn’t.
* Britney was ordered to submit to drug testing and didn’t.
* Britney was to ordered to enroll in parenting classes and didn’t.
* Britney was required to sign the judge’s order, and didn’t.
* Britney was ordered not to drive the boys around without a valid California drivers license.

Well, one out of 5 - yep she’s on a roll isn’t she?

Should the judge allow Britney to keep her children?

Should Britney Spears be allowed to keep her kids?
• Yes • No • Yes, with monitoring • Brangelina should adopt them View Results

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