Britney Spears' Album Pushed Back


Britney Spears was supposed to release her new album in November, but her publicist has confirmed that it's been postponed. Her rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, tells Life & Style, "I put her on hiatus. Brit's album is pushed until '08."

Another source close to Britney says executives at her record label, Jive, fear her career is over. The source says, "I'm surprised the album wasn't pushed back to 2009. Everything's up in the air with the album right now."

I'm a little surprised Jive is still moving forward with the album. It's pretty clear Britney's singing career is over. I've heard the first couple tracks off the new album and it's just her chewing on Cheetos and having difficulty breathing. Just kidding, that wasn't the album. It was her entire life.