British Schoolboy Uniforms Especially Weird

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As we learned last week, if there's a place for oddball, quirky, and eccentric uniforms, it's Britain. One place that this unique affliction gift is especially apparent is in the uniforms worn by British schoolboys. Everyone has to wear a uniform at UK schools -- from the lowliest commoner right up to the prince -- and the origins of many of these garments date back hundreds of years.

Thus, they tend to look a little weird.

If you're at all interested in British schoolboy fashion (or are a history geek like me), here's a great site cataloging a number of uniforms worn over the years, along with a little background on how the outfit came to be.

My personal favorite is the Bluecoat -- not because I think it makes for a cool uniform, but because I have a feeling it'd look good on it's own, as a fashion statement. I'm not sure if they make these in adult sizes, but rest assured, come next winter I'll be on the hunt for one. The only potential problem is that I'm 6'4", and, after spending a few years in the UK, I'm well aware that very little -- if anything -- in that country is made for a man of my size.

But, even if I can't find a Bluecoat, I'm almost positive I can find one of these snazzy military hats -- which are almost as cool.

[via Neatorama]
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