Bringing Digital Scrapbooking to Scrapbook Retail Stores

Kim Guymon wrote an interesting article about bringing digital scrapbooking into traditional paper-based scrapbook retail stores.

Will it work? Has anyone done it yet?

Kim says

I hear voices in the industry trying to convince me to embrace digital scrapping as a retailer. But how? If a digital scrapper comes into my place of business and buys buttons, ribbon, etc. for an altered project or to complete a digital page, isn’t she then just a customer? What makes her any different and why should I specifically embrace digital scrapping just because she’s a digital scrapper? She’s not in there looking for digital stuff, she’s in there looking for what I already carry.

The only possible product that I could add to my product line-up that I might not already have is a digital scrapbook program. Other than that, I’ve got nothing that I could add that would entice a digital scrapper into my store. I should already be teaching paper craft and card-making classes- things that would appeal to a digi scrapper.

Not sure if it will work but if this article interests you, you can read the rest of it HERE.

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