Breathe in, Breathe out: Relaxation Techniques for Your Mind & Body


No matter how well-balanced you think your life is, there will always come a point when things will not work out the way you planned and stress will take its toll. For this, you need to relax, take things a bit slower and do some relaxation techniques.

The relaxation techniques that you can try include:

β€’ Yoga

β€’ Meditation

β€’ Therapeutic Massage

β€’ Tai Chi

β€’ Pilates

β€’ Exercise

β€’ Hypnosis

Even the act of listening to music and taking some β€˜alone’ time for yourself will greatly ease the stress in your life. By doing these relaxation techniques, it will have positive physical manifestations to your body. Your heart rate will be slower, your blood pressure will stabilize, your breathing rate will normalize and the tension in your muscles will be relieved. Finally, you will feel better and your overall concentration will be greatly improved by doing these relaxation techniques that will help de-stress your mind and your body.