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Brad Pitt amp Angelina Jolie Are Happy

By popbytes

good evening! i guess late is better than never...below is the latest cover of **STAR** magazine which pleased me with the whole brad pitt & angelina jolie are happy vibe - plus they used a great picture of the couple but of course they couldn't help slam ms. jolie a bit with the sub headline 'why brad took angie back' - there wasn't an opportunity for him to take her back - because he never left her in the first place - but whatever - we all know by know they need to turn up the drama - especially on the cover! at least they're both smiling - they're totally in love and i adore them both! (why won't someone buy me a $500,000 necklace?!?)

in other stories we've got a look inside britney spears' 'twisted' world...can you imagine her answering the door naked? (probably) making crank calls to kevin? (that actually would be kinda fun i bet) the best line comes at the end that says she 'hides pets from kids' - gosh that sounds so evil but it totally just made me laugh out loud! nicole richie also makes an appearance with word she's calling off any sort of wedding she may have planned with boyfriend joel madden (i think they're going to wait until after their little bundle of joy arrives - yet that's still a few months away...a lot can happen as we all know too well!)

i had a totally long day but a few good things are happening that i'm pumped about! (more on that soon) i also took in a screening of eastern promises with naomi watts & viggo mortensen - which was fairly decent! i learned one big lesson - never ever get mixed up with the russian mafia - they're serious people! (and if you're a fan of mr. mortensen there are a couple of quick shots of him naked looking hot!) the film is directed by david cronenberg (did you ever see dead ringers? that's one freaky movie) so of course there were a bunch of gross out moments - and a few pretty violent scenes - if you're in the mood for a twisty thriller - i'd suggest you see it when it lands in theaters later this month! i'll check you all tomorrow - i need to get to bed soon! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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