Boon Bath Goods ...

One the of things that used to make the pre-mom me cringe whenever visiting mom friends, was how they completely relinquished their bath to the onslaught of garish plastic toys. Back then, for me, the bath was a sanctuary of relaxation after a hard day. Remember that? Scented bubbles, a good book, perhaps a glass of wine, ahhhh. (Ahem. Where was I? Oh yeah.) Now that I'm older and a little wiser (a.k.a., I have a child of my own and my priorities have changed.), the bath has become one of the best places to watch my son explore and enjoy his world. There is almost nothing cuter than a child in the tub. Am I wrong? And it's simply not practical to remove all the artifacts after each cleansing. However, there is still a part of me that wants to take steps to preserve some of the zen that was my former bath. I believe that these Boon Bath Goods may be an excellent way to reconcile my two bathroom concepts. They come in cool, modern colors, so on the rare occasion when you actually do get to relax in the tub, it won't ruin the mood if you chance to spy a stray blob stuck to the tile. And it seems to me that your child would have endless creative fun with the many different wacky shapes. Isn't it nice when worlds collide in such a conciliatory fashion? Available at Sparkability and Giggle. [...]

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