Body Care in Fall - Tips to Remember: #1 ...

How can you keep your skin soft and supple?

Fall. Morning. It is dark, chilly and looks like it hasn't stopped raining yet. However, it is time to get up, to go out look your BEST! Why? Because a **real woman **ALWAYS looks $1mln!

Even when it is misty, cold and rainy :)
So, here is our simple fall skin care advice that will help you to be as beautiful as ever no matter what:

1. **Switch from Lotion Based Products to Those That Are Cream Based. **

This will help restore moisture as well as create a protective barrier against the harsh winter weather. Exceptions to this rule include those with severely oily skin and some acne patients.

2. Keep Your House Warm, Not Hot. Set Your Thermostat a Little Lower and Crack a Window to Let Fresh, Cool Air into the House

3. **Set a Pan of Water **in Commonly Used Rooms. the Water Will Evaporate from the Pan before It Evaporates from Your Skin

4. **Use a Vaporizer **in the Bedroom While You Sleep

5. Shower Only Once a Day Using a Mild Soap. Pat Dry and **apply a Gentle Moisturizer **immediately Afterward. Your Doctor Can Recommend Skin-friendly Soaps and Moisturizers

6. **Apply Extra Moisturizer **to Your Body, Face and Hands before Bedtime to Heal Damage Overnight

7. ** Moisturize Your Hands after You Wash Them.**

8. Try a Richer Moisturizer if Your Regular Brand Doesn't Work as Well in the Wintertime

9. **Use Barrier Gloves **to Protect Your Hands when You do Chores, Especially Dishwashing. for an Especially Soothing Treatment, Apply Moisturizer, Put on White Cotton Gloves, and Cover with Yellow Rubber Gloves. Wear These Layers around the House for a Few Hours or While You Sleep

10. Use Lip Balm to Prevent Chapping. Reapply after You Eat and before You Go Outdoors

11. **See Your Physician **if Your Skin is Extremely Irritated or Infected