Blonds Are NOT the Sexiest Ones?!

I am sure that many of us lived our lives with the myth that women with blond hair are the sexy ones. But guess what? That's not very true!

According to the research conducted by a notorious Hamburg sexologist Professor Dr. Werner Habermeh, it's **redheads **who have more fun!

In other words, the research showed that women with red hair **are the ones who are the most **sexually active - they have more sex and far more sexual partners then women with any other hair color.

But unfortunately for men, there is only 2% of natural redheads, although, more and more women who want to express their sexuality color their hair in fiery shades.

Another interesting fact is that according to researches from Florida State University, men are most likely to be attracted to brunettes with long hair and not the blonds!

The researcher Dr. Kelley Kline says that men are subconsciously looking for a healthy fertile partner, and it's "long, thick hair" that is a sign the woman meets the criteria. Dr. Kline said that the study proved "gentlemen do not prefer blondes," but brunettes instead.

PS: Dear blonds, please do not take this personal, it's just a research, I am pretty sure no matter what the scientists say, the public still thinks that you are very sexy! And if you started to doubt it, just flip through Maxim magazine, that'll prove them all wrong! ;)

And what about you, has your new hair color ever effected YOUR sexuality? Please DO share!

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