Bjork's Volta is a Masterpiece!


this week my darling björk released her new album volta and as per usual our dear little icelander created another masterpiece! i finally had a full on listen to the album and it's totally whacky & bizarre but simply mesmerizing & beautiful - she's not for everyone mind you but for those people who can deal - it's fucking brilliant! she's totally the real deal - a true artist along the lines of my darling tori amos although they're completely different from each other!

i'd totally recommend volta as a must-have and i'm hopin' & prayin' she'll play in los angeles - i've never seen her live although one time i had an amazing encounter with her on the streets of NYC! (read question #2) popbytes over & out for tonight - oh my word i'm thrilled tomorrow is friday - xxoo!

PS the video for björk's track earth intruders (produced with timbaland) is also posted below!