Bike Furniture


Bike Furniture Design designs and manufactures modern furniture made primarily out of recycled steel and aluminum bicycle rims, handlebars and frames. I love the innovative use of materials that would otherwise be discarded but are instead morphed into something useful, orginal and, in this case, incredibly durable. The company's design that caught my eye was their Chicago Children's Museum chair which was commissioned for the museum when they needed seating that could handle hard-core kid use in a public space and be child friendly, obviously. This cool rendition can be ordered and upholstered in pretty much any new or used material imaginable. I can see it add quite a bit of edge to a little boy's room and withstand long-term, heavy-duty usage. Bike Furniture is also working on another child's chair, the Pumpkin, still in prototype stage but delightful all the same. [...]

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