Beth Ditto for Topshop - the Latest

Yesterday we reported about the possibility of Beth Ditto designing a collection for Topshop, which received mixed reactions from you, our dear readers. Today, further information has come to light putting Ditto in doubt of ever being involved in a collaboration with the high street giant.The lead singer of The Gossip has apparently slammed Topshop for failing to stock larger sizes. "They don't really want dress people that look like me, that have a normal body, a bigger body," she said. Whether Topshop actually approached Ditto to design her own collection now seems dubious. claim that it is, in fact, Ditto who asked Topshop for the chance to design a range for them. "Give me the job. I want to design," she said after turning down Topshop's offer to perform a series of in-store gigs because of its sizing restrictions. "I don't think it's fair to put my face somewhere where they would never let me in there to wear their clothes. If they want our music they've got to actually do something to earn it," she added. Will Topshop take up Ditto's challenge to create her own line and broaden its sizing limitations? For me it's fingers crossed!

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