Best & Worst Dressed at the 2008 MTV VMA's ...

Let's put the spotlight away from Britney Spears for a second and take a look at some of the fashion highlights – and misses **– at the **2008 MTV Video & Music Awards.
**1. Miley Cyrus **

Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hannah Montana may have had some off moments in her career, but she sure is growing up to be a fashionable young lady in this short black, rockstar chic outfit that she wore at the 2008 VMA's.

2. Ciara

I know, I know… the hair is all wrong – but who can ever argue with the chic-ness of this **Dolce & Gabbana **outfit that singer **Ciara **wore to the red carpet?

**3. Audrina Patridge **

A lot of stars were sporting short hemlines for the 2008 VMA's, but Audrina Patridge of "**The Hills**" fame sure as heck sparkles in this daring gold number.

**1. Solange Knowles **

Solange Knowles could take a cue from her older sister's fashion sense. I don't think that this short, edgy pink dress did anything for her.

**2. Pink **

We're still debating whether Pink's striped black-and-red scene stealer should have made the best-dressed or the worst-dressed list – but I think this is more of a fashion don't. I love her platinum hair, though!

**3. Katie Perry **

I know Katie Perry's going for the old movies, 1920's look – but in this outfit, it looks like she forgot her pants!

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