3. L'OREAL Paris Telescopic Mascara

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Alright, we've all been there with the cheap-o mascaras that work like crap. Well, this one claims that even though it's cheap, its special flat brush combs and separates lashes to prevent clumping AND has a 60% growth rate on your lashes after use. Sounds pretty good to me! But let's check out reviews, shall we?

734 reviews and about 700 of them are positive (can't please everyone can ya?) Most common results saying it goes on smoothly, it does add volume, doesn't clump, and it indeed separates lashes... Seems legit.

However, some users (Read that as NOT MANY) are saying it has a tendency to flake; but I can't say how they're using it or if their product is old and they're just leaving a bad review now so I'd say it's definitely worth a shot-especially at that price!

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