7 Best Foundation - Take Your Pick!

A lot of women stay away from** foundation** because more often than not, the ones that they’ve encountered only dehydrate their skin, is a tone or two lighter **than their real skin tone, can be **too sticky or can basically be a blotched mess after a few hours. In today’s list, however, we’re giving you 7 highly recommended foundation products for you to choose from. Feel free to incorporate putting on foundation in your everyday makeup routine and see how picture perfect your skin will look:

1. Chanel Pro Lumiere Professional Finish Makeup Foundation SPF 15

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**What Chanel Says: **

****Chanel Pro Lumiere Professional Finish Makeup Foundation SPF 15 contains breakthrough oil-free formula that provides medium-to-full coverage, with a flawless, professional, semi-matte finish. Can be blended for a soft, natural look or built up for greater sophistication.

My Opinion:

What makes this Chanel foundation one of the best is the semi-matte beautiful finish you actually get. And the best part, you won't have to use your blotting paper every other hour as this foundation will keep your T-zone looking fresh and oil free for hours. And it also has SPF 15, which is enough if you are staying in the city. What I also love about this foundation is the luxurious packaging and how long this fabulous product lasts.

**Best Foundation for: **

****Oily and combination skin that required medium to full coverage.

**What Makes This Foundation The Best: **

• this is the perfect foundation for oily and combination skin types
• this Chanel foundation gives the most beautiful semi-matte finish
• the foundation goes on smoothly
• the texture is very light
• the foundation stays in place for many hours
• it comes in 23 shades, so you are bound to find your perfect color
• it has SPF15

Possible Complaints:

• this high end Chanel foundation is pricey, so please, make sure you choose the right shade. Ask for help at Chanel beauty counter in a nearby Department Store.

Price: $54 at Chanel.com

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