2. Silky Eyeshadow Duo by Chanel

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Expert's opinion:

"I will say though that those with very light skin tones, CHANEL Irreelle Duo- Silky Eye Shadow- River-Light may work wonders. I also believe that these colors would show up quite well on women of color."

- says Melanie Dee, Assosciated Content
What It Is: As per my friend Kittycat, who is a self-confessed makeup junkie, this is the best powder eyeshadow ever!

**What It Does: **Allows for a smoother application and long-lasting wear.

Product Description: Silky powder shadow combos in runway shades, from pearls to mattes, are quilted in the fashion of Chanel. Colours go on ultra-smoothly, stay put for hours without creasing. Two applicators make short work of lining and shading lids. Apply dry for subtle shadowing or slightly moistened for a more defined look.

My Comments: I love Chanel products in general (though I can’t afford everything), but thankfully, this particular one, I can. My friend showed me her collection of Chanel Silky Eyeshadow Duo and I must agree with her, it does look yummy. I tried the Desert Rose and I think it’s the Best Everyday Shadow. Use your own professional shadow brush though for more control and better application.

Average Price: This can be bought at chanel.com for $40.

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