7 Best Books for Pool Side Reading ...

Nothing is better during the blistering summer months than lounging by the pool with a good book. This is not the time for reading a deep biography about someone who lived 900 years ago. The summer time is the perfect excuse to indulge in guilty pleasures and your reading list is no exception. Before you head out to the pool, make sure you pick up one of these 7 best books for pool side reading.

1. Deeper than the Dead by Tame Hoag

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If you have never read a Tame Hoag novel, you are really missing a treat! She has a smooth clear writing style that will quickly pull you in. She has a knack for creating suspense that will make your toes curl. Hoag currently has two books published in her Deeper than the Dead series and this is the first. It is the story about a serial killer that is best described as an addictive page turner.

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