Beer in Your Sandals = Best. Party. Ever ...

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Summer is coming. And with the warmer weather comes the opportunity to ditch you shoes for the ultimate in laid-back, lazy-day footwear: the flip-flop sandal.

But why be content with a normal sandal, when you can have one that distributes booze? Seriously. How else are you going to sneak your favorite whiskey onto that alcohol-free beach than by cleverly concealing it inside the polyurethane encapsulated flask in the heel of your new pair of Reefs? (Not that I would do that -- just sayin'.)

Even if you frequent a beach where drinking is condoned, isn't it worth drinking like this just to impress your friends?

Plus, while I've never owned a pair of Reef sandals, word on the street is they're pretty comfortable. Although, as Uncrate notes: "after drinking all the Beam you've hidden in the heels, we doubt that will even be an issue."

[via BoingBoing]
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