Beckhams Are Going to Get Their Own Reality Show

Oh, I’d watch this….if the alternative was getting all my teeth pulled out with a piece of rusty scrap metal, and then you poured lemon juice into all my stinky gum holes.. Wait - that’s actually sounding a bit more attractive:

David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly considering an offer to star in their own reality TV show in the U.S.

The series is being modeled on "The Osbournes," which featured rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his family, and could help the couple become more well-known in America.

The pair, who are due to move to Los Angeles later this year, are said to be considering the offer from Fox TV network.

David recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team, and the show would follow the couple as they adjust to their life in the U.S.

A source tells People magazine that the show, tentatively titled "Living With the Beckhams," would give the couple a big publicity boost.

The source explains, "At the moment, neither David nor Victoria are very famous in the States, but starring in their own show on one of America’s biggest channels would catapult them to instant stardom."

Oh, please - you know these two probably walk around asking each other "do I look fat in this" and then running to the bathroom to purge their extra rice cracker. Either that, or they might just surprise us by chatting about the Pythagoran triangle or chaos theory. You never know.


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