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By BagSnob

My Bag Snob partner and I went to New York one summer during college when we first met and I noticed her mask-like make up for the first time while standing on Fifth Avenue in the glaring August sun. I immediately dragged her to the nearest cosmetic counter at Bergdorfs and said to the sales associate "Can you help her please? She looks like she's wearing a mask"! His reponse to her was "I hope she's either your sister or your best friend because that's the only people you should take that kind of abuse from". Well, we've been best friends ever since and have shared all of our beauty secrets with each other through the years. She stood by me as I insanely bought 20 bottles of a Shu Uemera foundation that was to be discontinued and I supported her through her "eyebrow" crisis. We have scoured departments stores in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo and back for the best cleansers and lipglosses (which we'll share on Beauty Snob) and we even made our own nail polish when we could not find the perfect shade! To say we're Beauty Snobs would be an understatement so we felt it was time to share our secrets with the world! Check out our sister site often for all things to bring out the Beauty in you.

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