Beauty Obsession: the Balm "Hot Mama"


I'm not just a fan of bronzers -- I inevitably end up looking dirty, not tanned. So, I tend to just put on an extra sweep of blush and hope that makes me look rosy. After years of dogged dedication to my Nars Orgasm blush (America Ferrera's must-have, too!), I've discovered a new favorite. I love TheBalm for their killer under-eye concealer, but I am newly in love with their golden-flecked all-in-one, Hot Mama. You can use it for eyeshadow or lipsticks, but I am hooked on it for blush that makes me look like I'm glowing, not grubby. Best of all is the adorable summer-y packaging. Get your own at, $18 -- Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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