Beauty Beat: Mascara Madness!

Maybelline’s newest, Define-A-Lash, hits stores this week with all the miraculous claims a mascara can have. I see companies intensely battling over your lashes - and are even competing against themselves as they release newer and better mascaras each season. They have improved the formulas the brushes, the packaging, the delivery - and have added fibers, primers and even topcoats! They make your lashes longer, thicker, more curly, more flexible - and less smudgy and flaky. It’s Mascara Madness! We should never have to be seen without incredible lashes again. I used so be so faithful to my mascara, but I find myself so tempted by all of the new technologies - they are impossible to resist. Are you like me, and have tried several mascaras this year - or am I the only one succumbing to the madness?

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