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Technology isn’t just for geeks anymore - there are some wonderful offerings in the beauty niche too! Spend a little money and then save a little by replacing a whole team of beauty specialists with a few great beauty gadgets. Try the pimple buster from Thermaclear which zaps your zits with concentrated heat. Try a microdermabrasion brush, a steamer, the Panasonic Pore Cleanser and the Clarisonic facial brush, and wash that esthetician down the drain. Your hair dresser is blown away by ceramic and tourmaline technology from Sedu, Chi and Hot Tools. Gadgets can help you do your manicures and pedicures, tan your skin and even get the most out of a good old fashioned shower. If you are a gadget geek, unplug your iPod, step away from your Blackberry, and open your mind to some of the greatest beauty tools on the market!

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