Beautiful Faces or Freakshows?


good evening! you might be wondering who the people are below - they're actually composite pictures (featured in this week's STAR magazine) combining some of the most requested celebrity features when it comes to plastic surgery procedures! the guy is made up of daniel craig's blue eyes, leonardo dicaprio's nose, matt damon's lips, christian bale's jaw, and john stamos' for the girl there's katie holmes' eyes, katherine heigl's nose, keira knightley's cheeks, jessica simpson's long blonde hair, and of course angelina jolie's lips! (somehow george clooney & carrie underwood are thrown into the mix but you'll have to read the magazine to find out how - i can't figure it out - maybe eyebrows?) in this case the whole is definitely not the the sum of its parts - the girl does look better than the guy but not by much - i hope these pictures don't give anybody ideas...i'm sure some people show up at a plastic surgeon's office with a magazine clipping in hand! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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