BCBGMaxazaria's Wool and Patent Leather 'Nea2' Pump


Didya like the interesting wool and patent leather combination on the BCBG Sock-boot (er, or 'Nikkas 2' as BCBGMaxazria likes to call it) but felt that it was a little TOO much sock for you? BCBGMaxazaria now has the 'Nea2' pumpand, I do daresay, its quite cute! I like it better than the Nikkas2 (which I will now admit attracted me greatly) - and its cheaper. US$225 for the pump as opposed to US$325 for the bootie. The cute three inch heel, the metal capped boetie and the scrunched patent leather at heel and toe are adorable. I just don't know where I'll ever wear this to.

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