Balanced Diet & Vitamins: the Answer to Getting Rid of Dark under Eye Circles

Water retention, heredity, toxin build-up, changes in weather, allergies and health issues – these are just some of the causes of those unsightly, dark circles under your eyes.

Sure, it might be easy to cake on concealers to cover up the area – but you wouldn’t want to end up looking like you have a pound of powder under your eyes, right? Since there are hereditary and health-related reasons behind developing those dark under eye circles – one of the best ways to prevent them from occurring is with the help of a balanced diet and vitamins.

Basically, when you have a diet which is complete in the nutrition that your body needs – there is a lesser probability of having any health reasons which can cause those dark under eye circles.

Speaking of having a balanced diet, you should also make sure to stay properly hydrated and not include too much sodium in the foods that you eat. Salt is the number one culprit in water retention on the body.

Finally, taking vitamin supplements like vitamin K and vitamin B12 may help reduce the dark under eye circles that you are keen on developing. A lack of antioxidants in the body usually causes cosmetic problems to occur, so boost up your strength with vitamin supplements.

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