Back in Sunny L.a.


How nice to step off the plane to a sunny 95 degrees in Los Angeles, after two weeks of low to mid 50's in New York! My trp was crazy, stressful and not at all like I had planned. But i did manage to get in a few new products to play with.

And this one that started out as a maybe, turns out to be a definite yes!

What is it?

It's Smooches.

What it is is a small plastic carrying case that comes full with lipstick covered 'kisses', all ready to be kissed on. At first glance, my brain went, "yeah right!". So I packed it in my carry on and off to New York I went. Before landing, I pulled one out, bent the square 'kiss' in half, and "kissed" the lipstick on.

You would think it would go on alllll over and look like a clown, but it doesn't at all. It goes on pretty exact and the colors are pretty and sheer so that you don't make a mess at all. Best part, is you can carry different colored smooches in your little case and change colors for day to night wear (or in my case, coast to coast). For those wanting an exact perfect pout, you can take your lip brush and even the edges to get the perfect lip line. But I found, with the lip balm like quality that you really didn't need to use it.

Click for more info on Smooches:

Oprah's Makeup Artist

Did anyone catch Oprah's makeup artist on her show last week? Well, let me just add my 2c worth. Note, that he does her makeup for TV and some of the tips that he gave were for camera makeup only. So what worked and what didn't?

Tip #1

Blend a lighter foundation or concealer down the center of your nose to bring out the bridge of your nose.

This is for tv only! And what it really does is make the bridge of your nose look wider and flatter. No one really wants a flatter, wider nose do they? And in daytime? You'll look like you forgot to blend your makeup. Skip this step.

Tip #2

Go a few shades darker on your foundation.

Again, TV ONLY! And only because Oprah's skin tone is many different shades, and it's easier to make a lighter into a darker, than to make a darker skin tone look lighter. And also, her face may be lighter than her neck, so you go darker to even out the skintone so your color looks even from face to body. Ever notice white faces in photos? That's because models and celebrities are notorious for staying out of the sun (ala a lot of sunscreen on the face) and their faces are lighter. Most makeup artists forget and match to the face. On film, your face can look white. Oops!

Tip #3

Smile, then put on blush.

Yep, agree here! And blush never looks like it does in the pan on. Want to know what color you'll get? Swatch some blush on white paper. That's how the blush will look on. So that super bright orange blush (from Cargo) that I pull out sometimes sure freaks out a lot of celebrites, but when i put it on, it's beautiful. Always go by how color looks on, not in the compact.

Also, here's thelistof makeup that he used in the show: Hmmm, those palettes sure looked tempting!

Have a great weekend everyone!