Baby Boy Da Prince Album in Stores | TRL Appearance TODAY!!

Baby Boy da Prince “Across The Water” is in stores NOW!!

Catch him live on TRL at 3:30 pm EST today on MTV

Listen to the entire album on here:

**Baby Boy da Prince
Universal Republic

Naw Meen (audio)

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The Way I Live - (Original Version)

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The Way I Live ft Lil Boosie (video)

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The Way I Live - Saints Remix

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About Baby Boy da Prince

Out of the West Bank of New Orleans comes the Prince of The City…Baby Boy da Prince. His career began at the age of 16 opening up for No Limit Records artist Choppa. Baby Boy created a name for himself in New Orleans with a lavish on stage performances and catchy feel good records.

Then in 2004 he stepped from behind the scenes and into the spotlight hooking up with a local management company, Bosshogg Entertainment (B.G., Juvenile, Choppa). After years of hard work, Bosshogg Entertainment inked a deal with indie label Extreme Entertainment.

Baby Boy hit the road in early 2005 to spread his music and fan base further outside of New Orleans. He went on tour opening for platinum acts, Juvenile, Paul Wall, 50 Cent, and many more. Then in August 2005 Baby Boy’s world came crumbling down as New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina. Throughout the ordeal he vowed that he would get his life together and continue his dream of becoming one of Hip-Hops newest stars. Living in a FEMA trailer, Baby Boy began writing new material for his upcoming album. He continued to do shows in New Orleans to show his fans support.

In 2006 Q93 in New Orleans began to play his hit single “The Way I Live”. The single became an instant hit and in 3 weeks was the number 1 record at the station. Baby Boy had reached a new plateau and proved that his music could perform with the best artists in the country. The buzz in the city started to spill over and major labels began to take notice. Universal Republic Records jumped on the opportunity and signed Baby Boy as their premiere Hip Hop act.

Baby Boy’s hard work and dedication brought him out of the trials and tribulations that affected him throughout his career. His music is a testament to the revival of New Orleans and the people who live in it.

(story and media courtesy of ThinkTank Marketing)

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