B is for Bedtime with the a-Z Duvet Cover


I've never seen anything quite like this before. It's a duvet cover with the alphabet embroidered onto it; there's an accompanying book which has a story for each letter. The idea is that your child picks a letter, and you read the story. Now, to me, the idea would stand or fall on the quality of the book: I'm a bit pernickety about what I'll read to my daughter (I've done an MA in Illustration, so I'm allowed to be). After all, there are so many wonderfully written and exquisitely illustrated books out there that there's no need to waste time and energy on anything less. Nonetheless, the duvet cover itself appeals greatly. You can also opt to buy it without the book, and it'd make a great gift for a child just starting to learn his letters. Available via 2littleboys. [...]