8 Awesome Crafty Tattoos ...

Okay, before we take a look at the photos, I would like to say that tattoos are not for everyone. Some people are wary about getting them because of the pain. Yes, they are painful to get. Before these awesome crafty tattoos inspire you to get one, you should should check out the most painful places to get a tattoo first and how removing them can be a long (and painful) process.

1. Snippety Snip

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Photo Credit: The Ephemeral Mailbox Museum

Pretty! I am utterly delighted with tattoos of monochromatic style and this crafty tattoo of vintage scissors looks fantastic. Mine (top photo; original design by my boyfriend) is in the same spot, actually, and also has a pair of vintage scissors. If I do decide to get another piece for the left forearm, I will go for something in black ink, too.

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