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Avril in Arena Magazine April 2007 ...

By Jen

Here is a sneak at her interview for the British magazine.

On her party girl lifestyle: “I like to have a good time, jump on tables and wreck things once in a while. When I drink, I am the party.”

On her changed ways: “I was such a tomboy, running around, getting in fights, hanging out with guys. I look back and laugh as I realize how much I’ve grown up. God I was such a ****.”

On her future acting career: “I’ve been reading scripts for two years and they’ve all been crap. I can’t just decide, ‘Hey, I want to act,’ and then be in a wicked movie.”

On the biggest diamond engagement ring she wears: “I want a bigger one! I love it, it’s perfect. I used to wear fake ones like this when I was younger and I never dreamt that one day, I’d actually have one that size.”

On her new album, The Best Damn Thing: “I went into this record knowing exactly what I wanted it to be. I wanted ti be uptempt, fast and fun. The “Girlfriend” video is amazing as I get to dance. I know, me — dancing! I have my boy-bashing songs but I’m not serious about it. I had the most fun in the studio making this record — we were getting drunk, scootering around, ordering junk food and I think that comes across on the record.”

Source: HWT

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