Aviva Underpants Scarves, Trunkt

Zipping around uptown Manhattan, grocery shopping in over-the-knee boots, five pounds of black eye shadow, and layers of vintage chiffon, I get looks from Gapped-out nannies and minked-out moms, finally wondering:

Aren’t they over-familiar with the boho/SoHo bum get-ups of tabloid cover girls Olsen twin #2 and Sienna Kate Moss Miller?

So I escape downtown, soy latte hunting, and soon overtaken by a fleet of flat, slouchy, misshapen boots, smothered in excesses of bloated sweaters, drowning in a sea of mismatched apparel, I was forced to question:

Is ugly the new haute?

To be sure, these symptoms of a lingering boho fever were refreshing after uptown’s uniform of highlighted hair and Birkin bags, but there’s got to be a happy marriage between downtown edge and uptown gloss, bold black and patrician platinum, the –

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” — Financial District and East Village,” picks up Lisa Aviva Bleviss, designer of Aviva Underpants. Aviva Underpants — named so because Lisa sold everything but to create her business — is a collection of scarves made of Wall Street suits’ fabrics spiked with a touch of St. Marks’ antiestablishment. “I love all things classic, but also love to take them out of context,” explains Lisa. “It’s all about uptown meets downtown. Why can’t they live in harmony?”

Cut simply and cleanly, with a clever, subtle play between two textiles, Aviva Underpants is classic and unique, money meets indie. it’s –

The one thing I can wear that’ll get grins from both townhouse-owners and hipsters.

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