Audrey Tautou to Play Coco Chanel


French actress Audrey Tautou will play Coco Chanel in an upcoming biopic about the designer. The $15 million film was conceived with Tautou in mind. "[The producer] said she would only make a film about Chanel is Audrey was the lead," says an insider. "They met and both liked the idea." The script, will focuses on the legendary designer's childhood and early adult years, was adapted from the Chanel biography L'Irreguliere, and production is slated to begin early next year. "It isn't really a biopic because it is about Chanel before she became famous - it is about the events and people that shaped her," said the insider. Chanel was born into poverty and learned to sew in a Catholic orphanage after her mother died and she was abandoned by her father. As a young woman, Chanel had dreams of becoming a singer and first acquired the nickname Coco while singing "Who's Seen Coco in the Trocadero" in a cabaret.

Via Variety

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