Attention Little Romeos!

Attention little Romeos! Are you in a quandary as to what to give your beautiful, furry Juliet for Valentines’ Day? Well, Pet-Pet is here to help out all you lover-dogs! When you get the chance, scurry over to the very classy, G.W. Little.

Although, this site is mostly dedicated to smaller dogs, pooches of all sizes will love their Valentine’s Day treats. If you’re a stud who has a hot date February 14th, don’t forget the flowers—one elegant red rose will do. One elegant plush red roseis even better. And this rose will say “I love you” every time your sweetheart bites it.

As for chocolate, well, everydog knows how dangerous gooey chocolate can be for a canine. So, instead of giving your love real chocolate, give her something she can really sink her teeth into—a plush Heart Box of Candy!

Valentine’s Day isn’t only for people anymore!

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