Asked Him out?

Traditional date: He asks Her out and does everything in order to make it go smoothly, but if it is YOU who have decided to make the first step? Here are some useful tips that might help you!

Making the Date:
Plan a casual date—based on what both of you enjoy.
Make the first date a short one. This gives you an "out" in case the evening is a disaster.

Plan to meet at a neutral, public site where both will feel comfortable.
Be clear about the arrangements.
Drive separately; it’s a safety precaution for both.
Have some favorite activities in mind so that you can make suggestions and participate in the planning.

Until "who’s paying" is clarified, stick to affordable events or places. (Expecting a first date to pay for something expensive can lead to problems.)
Don’t include your children in the date.

Preparing for the Date:
Consider what you and your date will be doing. What can you do ahead of time to make the event go well?

Have a contingency plan in mind. Perhaps the theater has lost your tickets, or the movie you’d planned to see is sold out. When you plan ahead you won’t be as likely to overreact and embarrass yourself. You will simply shift into phase two.

Ask your date-to-be about some of his or her hobbies, activities, and interests. Then, as a conversation starter you can discuss things they are most familiar with.

Read the paper or watch the evening news before going out. Be prepared to discuss some of the day’s current events.

Make a list of your positive attributes—not so that you can brag about them, but so that your awareness of them builds your confidence—which is attractive to others.

Do some activity earlier in the day to boost your self-confidence. For example: go for a run, swim, be with friends.
Plan how you can look your best.
Bring money and offer to pay for your share of any restaurant bill or entertainment tickets.

During the date:
Be confident
Be friendly and warm
Call your date by his or her name
Compliment him or her
Give the other person plenty of opportunity to talk. Listen to what he or she is saying
Be natural
Be honest—act and say how you feel
Thank them for the date

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