Ask Styledash: a Messenger Bag for My Daughter?

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Styledash reader Sara recently emailed the Styledash team and asked about a bag for her daughter:

"Can you recommend an affordable messenger-style (she swears if she can't throw it over her shoulder, she's not interested) bag that says 'I'm a creative professional and I have style and a purse that works for me?' "

We looked around a bit, and unfrotunately, those things that are actually called "messenger bags" look, well, either way too "corporate" like laptop bags, or they simply look like messenger bags -- boxy, boring, and usually very utilitarian.

Luckily, we came across some photos of actress Jessica Biel sporting the Kenneth Cole New York Jet Stream Leather Tote with a lengthened strap to carry across her body. The bag itself (we are guessing it's the "camera bag" size as the "travel tote" seems a little too big to carry as a purse) is a little expensive ($425), but the idea of a camera bag certainly works. Tignanello's "Venezia" leather camera bag is a sweet $125 and comes in the standard brown, black and navy, as well as a fierce red.
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