Artista 730E Sewing Machine Powered by Windows

In high school I actually took a sewing class. I really don’t know what I was thinking, but I assumed that if I’m good with electronics then I must be good with a sewing machine? Well, that ended up being a disaster. Perhaps, if they had the Bernina Artista 730E back then, things wouldn’t have gone so terribly wrong for my sewing pprojects. The 730E has a big bright color touchscreen on it that provides on-screen help and graphic tutorials, all powered by Windows. The system does even more than just sewing - it also can quilt and do embroidery. It’s packed with a stitch library with over 850 stitches, over 100 embroidery designs and an assortment of other features I probaly wouldn’t even be able to make sense of because in the end I’d probaly be hopeless, despite all the on-screen help. The Artista 730E retails for a whopping $8,199.