Are You the 'Mysterious' Type?

No matter how short or long a time you have been seeing a guy, it always helps to keep a certain air of **mystery **around you.

The more that he **discovers **something new about you each day, the more that he'll learn to **appreciate **you for what you really are.

Here are the signs to look out for to check whether you're the mysterious gal – or if you reveal **everything on the **first date.

You're the mysterious type if:
• He learns only the 'basic' **information about you during your **first date (example: your eye color).
• When you're casually seeing someone and he asks about how your weekend went, you give a vague **answer to keep him **guessing.
• When you first hit the sack with your man, you let him in on your signature moves but you let him wonder what other '**tricks**' you have up your sleeve.

For me, I think that the key to being the mysterious type is to create a **balance **between being tight-lipped and revealing. How? Easy – it's the simple stuff like not revealing your bra size and your oral hygiene habits during your first date.

Don't spill all the beans when it comes to sexy moves so that he'll anticipate the next time that you'll be together. More importantly, start with the 'sharing' thing one he has – neutral topics is always the best way to go. Got it?

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