Anna Nicole Smith Dead at 39 - How Sad!


I can’t help but think the death of Anna’s son only a few months ago and now Anna Nicole Smith herself seems so suspicious. Could her former husbands family have done this? What about the two men who claimed to be baby Dannielynne’s father? Could it be that Anna Nicole was suffering depression following the birth of her baby?

The lady herself was surrounded by so much controversy - since her name became known in nearly every home in the U.S. during her marriage to the old as dirt tycoon followed by the legal battles with his family following his death.

Personally, I had my own love hate impression of Anna Nicole, but over the last several months, I found myself feeling sorry for her more then anything

It will be interesting to see how this plays out - but for now, my heart aches for one little girl that’s going to grow up without a family.

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