Anna Nicole Autospy Results Are in ...

According to Dr. Joshua Perper:

- ANS died as a result of accidental overdose
- No evidence of disease
- At the time of death, she was on methadone, anti-depressants, growth hormones, and weight loss pills

- She injected growth hormones, either ammuno-globulin or another longevity drug into her ass cheek before she came to the States

- She complained about the injection site on the flight to Fort Lauderdale, and in the limo from the airport, she had chills and was cold. When she arrived at the hotel she was spiking a fever. She was asked by HKS and others to go to the hospital and she firmly refused.

- At that time her shrink friend prescribed flu drugs, put her in an ice bath, and was given chlora hydrate

- She could not eat, only could have fluids. But by Wednesday, she was doing better.

- On Thursday, the day she died, ANS was awake, talked to HKS, he helped her to the bathroom, she was coherent but weak, then she came back and went to bed. That was the last he saw of her.

- ME confirmed there was no delay in talking her to the hospital, and she was not dead when paramedics arrived

- No abccess visible on the buttocks, but when sliced open, they found major scarring, abccesses and hemoraging from it. The high fever was due to the perforation of the abcess and the leaking of blood but there was no blood poisoning.

According to Chief of Seminole police Charlie Tiger:

- No evidence of illegal drugs
- No foul play
- Nothing unusual on security camera tapes from hotel
- Nothing on HKS's or ANS's laptop, but these were the new evidence delaying the autopsy
- Accidental overdose according to Charlie Tiger
- No criminal charges to be laid at this point

May she now Rest in Peace..

Via NBC 6 South Florida

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