Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Hit the Red Carpet ...

good morning! last night was the los angeles premiere of beowulf which opens november 16th and stars angelina jolie, anthony hopkins, john malkovich, robin wright penn, and crispin glover - most of the stars were out on the red carpet in westwood including ms. jolie who brought along her boy brad pitt - gosh they still look so happy! she totally glows when she smiles - angie should smile more often! the film also looks visually stunning (a total must see for me) which was directed by robert zemeckis and he employs a similar style of animation that was used in the polar express which if you haven't seen - with the holidays just around the corner - now is the perfect time - it's one of my favorite holiday movies (and keep in mind i'm usually not a huge fan of holiday flicks at all) anyways don't you all hate how it is so much darker at night?!? plus it's getting cold here - that's why they're both wearing jackets - it must have been chilly on that red carpet! (not as chilly as her reaction when asked about those dueling **W** magazine covers...) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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