And, You Ask, Why "Succulence"?

"Have you ever bought an object for the sheer simple pleasure that you knew it would provide you? Have you ever known any talented women whose creations are so special that they deserve to be shared with the world? As an artist-featured giftware design and distribution company, The Succulent Wife promotes women artists who wish to convert their creative passions into income-producing enterprises. We bring their products to the marketplace and offer the consumer objects that exude spiritedness and personality...

And, you ask, why “Succulence”? Oh, Succulence… as in truly tasting life, making it fascinating, exciting, fun, indulgent, even provocative and challenging. But please, never ordinary." - The Succulent Wife

The Lula earrings should be worn only if you are looking to achieve that delightfully innocent and romantic look. Ok, we’ll let you wear them even if it’s just because you LOVE them! You know they would look great with practically anything. The earrings feature Peruvian opal quartz drops and three brass and gold-plated bird charms. They dangle about 2 ½ inches on a gold-plated chain from sterling silver hooks. $55.00

This wonderful Palm Leaf bag contains a collection of mi™ SPA’s signature beauty specialties. The charming gift bag includes all the necessary items to launch your daily body beauty ritual: a Sisal Wash Cloth, a Beauty-mi-Face Soap, a Green Tea & Honey Everyday Body Bar, a Green Tea Whipped Body Butter. 35.00

Walk your dog in style! These fantastic sets include a Doggie Knapsack™ and a matching bandana.

Aren't you always looking for somewhere to put your keys, cell phone, money or anything else that need on your walks? Oh, and that unsightly poop bag - love having that dangle while you walk. $27.95

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