And the Award Does Not Go to...


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Of the celebs that will be attending the Oscars this year, there's a few that might want to spend the evening at home, rather than risk perpetrating another serious style foul on the viewing public. The Academy hasn't asked for my opinion (again), but if they did, I'd vote to immediately strike the following invitees from future attendance based on past fashion offenses.

Charlize Theron: what the hell was up with that bow?

Dolly Parton: boobs. (Not that I don't love ya, Dolly.)

Philip Seymour-Hoffman: boobs.

Helena Bonham Carter: her hair at lat year's awards made her look like she lives in a Tim Burton movie.

Jamie Foxx: whoa, is that blue, or did my eyes explode?

Naomi Watts: according to our sister blog, Luxist, "...the dress looked as if she had a bad run in with a lawnmower."

Will any of these style-stunted celebs make a comeback this year? Only time will tell.

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