Anchorman Chris Cuomo Almost Bites It in Iraq!


He’s probably thinking "I could’ve been HOME lounging in front of the pool drinking chocolate milk and eating bon-bons, and INSTEAD, I’m stuck in $*#&% Iraq, getting my ass ALMOST blown off, dammit!"

ABC news anchor Chris Cuomo was unhurt Tuesday after the convoy of military police he was riding with Iraq was struck by a roadside bomb.

Some of the soldiers suffered minor injuries in the attack, ABC said. The convoy of four heavily armored Humvees was going to check a report of a burning vehicle in northwest Baghdad when booby-trapped bodies left by the side of the road exploded.

The vehicles returned to safety following a small arms battle, and Cuomo reported on the attack on "Good Morning America," where he is the news anchor.

This ups his street cred as an anchor, right?


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