Amy Winehouse's Rehab - Top Song - 2007!

oh good morning to everyone on this very last day of 2007! i've been busy working on my favorite albums of the past year post (which i hope will be up later tonight or tomorrow) i did want to include amy winehouse and her incredible album back to black however it was actually last year's top favorite album! i almost wanted to include it again but i didn't think that was fair - so as a compromise i'm naming her grammy nominated mega hit single rehab my top song of the year! (below is a hot remix of the song) of course she's the messiest person out there besides britney spears but they're both totally different types of messes - amy is legendary - and britney is good for a few laughs! not only is rehab a great song but it for sure was a constant theme of the past year when it came to hollywood - the other recurring theme would be jail - someone needs to come up with a hit song centered around that! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo! (oh don't forget to check out my ms. winehouse's category here on popbytes for more fun with amy!)

» listen to amy winehouse's **rehab | soul cast remix** (.mp3 9.3mb)

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