Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara Lengthening – Expert Review ...

Almay claim this mascara can take your lashes to new lengths with one sweep! We were keen to find out if there’s any substance to their statements! Let’s take a look…
Type of Mascara: Lengthening
Colours Available: Black, Black Brown & Dark Brown
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Up to 70% visibly longer lashes. This lash-extending formula sweeps lashes to extra lengths in one quick, clump-free application. Nourishing formula is infused with aloe and vitamin B5 to help keep lashes conditioned and silky. Extra gentle, non irritating formula.
My Experience:
I was excited about this mascara as I couldn’t wait to see how my lashes would look with an extra 70% of lusciousness! On application, the formula applied cleanly and evenly without any need to de-clump or reach for the comb. After one coat I wasn’t really seeing much, perhaps a little more length and definitely some thickness but is that it? I went back for another coat and this is when I saw this mascara at work. My lashes were longer and looked thicker and fringed. I was impressed with what I saw but disappointed I couldn’t achieve it in the one-coat Almay had promised as this would be the ultimate selling point for me.
Overall Rating: Average
Price: $7.01 at

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