All the News That's Fit to Eat - September 5, 2007

• Do you pass on chicken at restaurants? It might be time to order the right bird and discover what you've been missing out on. Plus don't miss this great video tutorial on how to cut up a chicken. - San Francisco Chronicle• Remember the edible strips I told you about last week? Turns out that the new TV show Cane is using them in their ad campaign. - BuzzSugar
• Going to New York? Check out this upcoming restaurant guide. Also, Bittman has a recipe for a simple but grand paella. - New York Times• Forget the new Apple announcements, I'm more interested in these adorable Mac icon cupcakes. - Geeksugar

• Chef Bill Kim heads to Korea for a little bit of Seoul searching and tangy inspiration. - Chicago Tribune• Who says PB & J is only for kids? Whether you're a brown-bagging preschooler or a culinary commando, here's ways you can spread the love. - Boston Globe• This time of year, Santa Barbara is the place to be. There's great restaurants, beautiful scenery and five great vineyards to keep your eye on. - Los Angeles Times
• If you're looking to spend $12 on a cake mix, give the new Martha Stewart line a try. - Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune• In a budget- conscious challenge, a trio of cooking teachers make meals for four for under $50 at the farmer's market. - Washington Post• The classic ice cream float is getting a designer makeover with the addition of sparkling wines, premium ice cream and stylish glassware. - Houston Chronicle

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