All New J-Lo for 'American Idol' Ratings ...

I don’t think Jennifer Lopez is the one to blame but the ratings for last nights American Idol show were down a good bit compared with last season and earlier in this season as well.

Fifty-two million eyeballs (or, making the assumption most people have two eyes, 26 million people) tuned in last night to watch J.Lo coach the contestants, according to Marc Berman from **The Programming Insider.** That’s almost a million less than last week, four million less than the same week last season, and 11 million less than the January premiere. Ouch!

I think it is because the show gets a bit boring once you get to this point of the competition. Also, at least to me, there is not a really bona fide superstar that makes people want to tune in each week to see how they are doing. The highlight of this season has been how bad Sanjaya Malakar and his hairstyles have been. It will be interesting to see how much longer the show will be renewed. I think as soon as Simon Cowell says he is done or moving on to something else the show will collapse. They will try to replace him for the following season and the show will bomb to the point that they will cancel it altogether.

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